Never really thinking what I could’ve been
really I’m just thinking what I should’ve did
how I would’ve lived if I stuck up in college
built my own campus I’m walled up with knowledge
my suit need a dry clean my loafers need polish
it’s not reality if it ain’t solid
the mary keep calling ain’t no way I’m falling
the money keep coming got four ways I’m ballin
I’ll never reveal how I do it magician
just know I get lifted don’t need a prescription
gold has been written to save all these souls
golden rule isn’t fiction
I’m joule$ what’s ya digits?
horoscope is lying quit relying on them widgets
stars are aligned finna leap out in a second
life caught up now you seeking for a blessing
caught up in between staying true to the message
the messiah wasn’t present all I ever got was lessons
now I turned to headache and I need a lil becky
chop the beef up you don’t wanna get machete’d
run the whole court I ain’t even getting sweaty
fuck how I look I ain’t even getting ready
lots of up and downs but I cruise it real steady
heard the news always knew the boy was a yeti
hit em with the truth guess the mainstream wasn’t ready

The mind plays tricks I’m Jedi no sith
Third eye, third leg please don’t step on my dick
First time learned quick I ain’t falling for shit

This a mane’s (man’s) dream with a mane but he came clean with the same tee and the same jeans
Gotta stay free laying riddles get em riddled up to say please
I ain’t finna act civil til you pay me
lemme fiddle witchu baby
walk around buck I aint busting wit no safety
I ain’t look dumb I might look a lil crazy
hit the pack wrapped cool out wit no ac
lift the mass past fools doubt where the game be
they divided the masses to classes
cut class to hit grasses
then write me a classic
You not gettin past this
look up at me you get high off these ashes
nothing is free til they notice your actions
the director say action but this is my passion
fuck all you actors and rappers
I’m what comes after the rapture
speaking too quick it ain’t easy to capture
the image perfection no need for the caption
a date and place so I know when it happened

© 08/15/2014

*Mind Games by Joule$*




I’ll be damned if theres fluoride in my water
we can travel through the astrals call that my lifted charter
and if I don’t die a rapper ima a prolly die a martyr
give the signal what I symbol doesnt wrinkle
with a single breathe of air look there thats a threat
look rareness in the flesh god done put him to the test
half the birds chirping never thought he’d make it out the nest
doubt him less bout to wreck crash landed
in the clitorous you just a pussy you aint living this
how you talking shit and miss can’t rewrite a testament
the world is too impress with it meanwhile police pressuring
congress only lecture them I guess I’m going lecter then
wont show up with lesser than the medicine got me going edison
had to put my method in day trip took in all the melanin
can you recognize royal blood
blue as orchids growing in the summer sun
loyal plugs or you meet the soil dug
under my feet you give and receive
slip with deceit you aint hearing from me
if you come witta sneak
my shit is unrated don’t come witta bleep
fuck all you fuckers I bust with no rubber
I’m cooking the grub up
feeding the mind entered a place you wont see in your life
sipping some screw get in tune with the vibe with a gar in the night are you ready ride?
are you ready to die are you ready as I are you ready to fly
I was born for this god
wrecking the mic putting heads on the dot
stepping on hype put an end to the thots
always protected I’m friends with a glock
critics gonna hate critics gonna talk
no fear in my heart boy I’ll step on ya block
soldier from birth I don’t serve who you serve
I swerve what you worth put ya word in the dirt
it mean nothing to me and coming from me
get out the payroll start using ya mind
the fuck are you doing with burgers and fries
look in ya conscious and see what you find
its hard to believe I came up with up these rhymes
our legacy buried our culture declined
my tendency ready I bolt to the high
behold poetry with meaning
finna spit out serious reasons
like I’m finna go bulimic
you can call me joules all seein
astral being OBE-ing (Out of body experiencing)
kobe freeing
yeah I’m raw that how it be and
I wont change for nobody
don’t be hurt that just honesty

© 07/20/2014

*How I See It by Joule$*



I wish I never would’ve stepped a foot inside this game
I’m learning quickly turning swiftly to another page
I did some things that I ain’t proud of never slip again
I know the difference between homage see cause knowledge pays
look at all our great leaders, heres another drank liter for you dead motha fuckas
keep ya head and don’t fuck up much less duck us that mean uh uh
I need puff puff when I spit this shit
you don’t want me trippin bitch
I’m moving like I’m moving bricks
these bitches choosing hella dick
I got the chef right next to me
we cooking up that recipe
get in line serve a verse and pray it change ya life
I bet its tasting nice I bet it taste divine
I better get this grind before I get behind no reset rewind
respect the time you get one time to shine

It get harder to write when you doing the same shit
I’m like ooo when pain hit
blunt and brew to the faces
shifting through phases my brother be patient
the melody quaking my energy aching
this sound out the basement
got love for this nation got love for my girl
I had drugs and relations where the fuck was the world
when you run out of patience I’m like yo whats the word
with my bruhs on vacation punches thrown hit the curb
that ain’t me thats just nature when I spoke it was heard
you saw the tip of the glacier you ain’t seen him at work.

© 07/12/2014

*Writers Block by Joule$*